Essay on Impact of Global Warming on Ocean for Students


Needless to say that global warming has a tremendous impact on the living organisms in the ocean and the sea.

Because of this, the sea temperature is rising, because the water is unchanged because of global warming.

Impact of global warming on marine drift

Global warming has a very important contribution to distant sea currents and the Earth’s temperature. Global warming also affects the flow of the oceans, so that our climate is not affected. Melting their icy peaks, their freshwater reaches the oceans.

Therefore the seawater density decreases. Thus the flow is low and slow. Sea currents also bring a lot of nutrients along with those needed for marine life. Because it slows down ocean currents, the sea can now reach very small amounts of nutrients.

Because the food chain is affected. The ocean has a very bad effect on organisms. Due to the increasing impact of global warming, this problem will be intimidating in the coming years.

Impact of global warming on the salinity of oceans waters

Research has reported that, due to global warming, the water from the oceans has increased greatly. Because the air is warming day by day due to global warming.

Therefore, the ability of water to absorb growth is high. Due to which a large amount of water is converted into the air. Due to this, it has been found that more and more moist and dry areas become drier every day.

For this reason, the high-level evaporation zone becomes drier than the rain. Therefore similar rainfall increases due to relatively low evaporation rates in high-level regions.

Effects of global warming on ocean temperatures

As the temperature of the Earth increased, the temperature of the oceans also increased. Due to which the water of the oceans became hot.

Where marine life gets affected a lot. Many species of marine organisms cannot hold each other due to this climate change.

Because of this rising water temperature, all fish species, turtles & many other sea creatures have also become extinct.


Oceans are at great risk of global warming, so oceans are no longer a safe place for our marine organisms. Many threats to sea creatures have emerged, as the level of the oceans is decreasing. Along with this, it is also a serious problem for people living in coastal areas. It is very sad that, despite this information, we have done nothing to solve this problem.