Essay on how I spent my summer vacation for students & children


Summer vacation is the most enjoyable and good time for students. Because they do not have any study and no mental pressure at this time.

These holes give them great relief due to the heat. There are many ways for students to spend their summer holidays.

Some go to visit their grandparents, then join several summer camps, while some do some research like staying at home.

How I spent my time in summer

Summer discharge is the most awaited time in student life. It is time to relax and research the world. This time I decided to spend my summer vacation with my grandparents.

Here is a brief description of my grandparents spent at home, during my summer vacation.

Our experience with grandparents

My sister and I have decided to spend this summer vacation with our grandparents. They live in a small village near Kutch district in Gujarat.

We knew nothing about this trip, as we had never traveled to the village and we knew nothing about the lifestyle there. But once the day passed, we were adjusted to the lifestyle and started enjoying it to the fullest.

We are full of joy. Our grandmother told of some kissing, naughty and funny. They tell us how they are familiar with the harm to their school teachers and neighbors.

He also told us that, in my childhood, I and my sister were damaged and agile like my father. One day my grandfather took us on one of the long roads of Kutch in the desert, known as one of the largest salt deserts in the world.

We climbed the camel and discovered it till sunset. After spending a good time, we went to the main market there. Our grandmother told us about the unique Kutch craft and she also said, how the lives of women were by selling various types of embroidered clothing to women.

We bought dar kurta and sari for embroidery from mother for father. After this, we returned home and we also helped grandma cook dinner.

The next day we went to the farm with my grandfather and he told us about various pleasant farming techniques. We are involved in different types of activities every day.