Essay on Health for Students in English



In earlier times, when his body was completely fine and there was no disease, it was said to be in good health.

But as the world changed with the passage of time, the meaning of health also changed.

This means health in today’s time means to maintain good health of ourselves so that we can live a healthy life.

Maintaining Good Health

Maintaining good health is not so easy. Because many components are important for this. With which you can maintain your good health.

Such as eating a good and nutritious diet, regular exercise, yoga, abstaining from narcotics, and many other components that can be maintained to maintain good health.

If you do not adopt all these components, then your health can never be good.

Physical Health

Physical health is very important for your good health. Because if we take good care of our physical health, then we can be completely healthy and stay away from any disease.

Because when our physical health is good, then we can live much longer. Therefore, if we want to maintain our good physical health, then it is important to eat a balanced diet.

Because a balanced diet contains a lot of nutrients, which is essential for our physical health.

Regular Exercise

If we want to keep our body away from serious diseases, then it is important to exercise every day. Because our body will always be healthy and we can never be a victim of serious diseases.

So if you exercise every day, always stay away from junk food and eat a balanced diet. Never consume drugs like smoking and alcohol.

Because it can have a bad effect on our health and people who do regular exercise, they always need to get a good sleep.


In today’s modern world our health has become a serious matter. Because in today’s time people mostly want to live an easy life. Because everyone wants to do all their work in less time due to technology. But this is why people are not paying attention to their health. Due to which his body has become home to many diseases. Which is a serious problem. Therefore, in order to maintain our good health in today’s time, we have to adopt all the components related to our health, only then we can live a good and healthy life for long life.