Essay on Health Is Wealth for Students and Children


Nowadays, good health is like a blessing given to God. It is a very real fact that health is real wealth. Good health is the most valuable income a person can earn in a lifetime. If one loses his health, he loses all the charm of life. Good money can be earned anytime by using good health. But once you lose good health, it cannot be achieved again at any cost.

To maintain good health, we need regular physical exercise, yoga, meditation, a balanced diet, good thoughts, hygiene, personal hygiene, regular medical checkups, adequate sleep & rest. If someone is healthy, there is no need to buy medicine or visit doctors for his health. A healthy person needs to spend a little money on his health regularly. On the other hand, a lazy, diseased or sick person has to spend money on his health throughout his life.

People fail to make good health in their life due to their lazy and inactive habits. They think that whatever they are doing is right, but by the time they realize their mistake, it is already time. Good health is one that keeps us healthy in all aspects. Which includes our mental, physical, social and intellectual health. Good health gives us freedom from all diseases and diseases. Good health is a feeling of mental, physical & social well-being. It is an invaluable gift of life and purpose is essential for a full life.


Good health gives us the ability to work longer without wearying. Good health is indeed the real pleasure and charm of life. An unwell person is always concerned about his physical and mental complications. Therefore, maintaining good health is necessary to get rid of all the complexities of the body as well as to meet all the challenges of life.