Essay on global warming prevention in English for Students & Children


Global warming is a major problem for all countries except our country. In which this problem is faced not only by humans but also by every living being on earth. There is a big problem for all of them.

Therefore, we have to take many measures to reduce this problem. Because most of the global warming is caused by man-made activities. Due to these activities, global warming is increasing every day.

Because of the man-made resources, the number of greenhouse gases like hazardous carbon dioxide gas, methane, nitrogen oxide, etc. is increasing in the environment. Which helps global warming increase rapidly.

Natural causes of global warming

According to environmental scientists, as the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere increases & the factor in increasing the temperature here is carbon dioxide.

This gas emission continues into the 21st century. That temperature can rise from 3 ° C to 8 ° C, it would be very harmful to be very deadly in many parts of the world.

Human causes of global warming

Most of the factors responsible for global warming are done by humans, which are destructive. The blind race takes away from human development and progressive nature.

Due to the development of coal, oil & millions of vehicles, the flow of the river is being blocked to collect natural resources. Due to this our earth becomes very hot.

A developed country is the reason for global warming

One of the reasons for global warming is developed countries. In which many developed countries are more responsible for this issue because their country’s carbon emission levels are 10 times higher than developing countries.

But they do not want to cut emissions carbon to maintain themselves and their industrial properties.
On the other hand, developing countries like India and China believe that it is also in the development process.

So this is not a way to reduce the carbon emissions you adopt. Therefore, developed countries will also have to work with an understanding of the security of their earth with a little harmony.


Global warming is a process developed by humans. So the way we harm global warming, similarly, we should save this earth from global warming simultaneously. If not, it would be frightening to see this further, that the Earth cannot exist. Because global warming will cause the Earth to end. So we have to think about all countries with harmony, intelligence and unity to find solutions to this problem.