Essay on Facebook should be banned in English for Students & Children


Truly, informal communities have become a crucial piece of human existence. On one hand, such organizations as Facebook give numerous incredible chances to convey and impart insights.

Then again, Facebook may prompt many negative results. Practically limitless admittance to data frequently turns into an extraordinary issue for individual and public activity.

Consequently, Facebook can have such negative impacts as protection intrusion, the obliteration of connections and it can even impact the improvement of society (for example Bedouin world protestors). In this manner, Facebook ought to be restricted as it contrarily influences the significant parts of human existence.

Facebook in social life

Facebook is perhaps the most popular interpersonal organization which have in excess of 500 million clients. Obviously, this organization gives loads of freedom to convey and discover new companions.

Notwithstanding, the instrument is excessively blemished. In any case, there were a few outrages concerning the organization’s makers ‘sharing’ data. Apparently, they offered individual data of clients to specific organizations.

The organization’s makers contended that clients shared their data, so it implied the data was not private. Similarly, nearly anybody can track down some close-to-home data and use it.

It may spoil the relationship

Moreover, such organizations additionally lead to the obliteration of connections. Separation legal counselors guarantee that ‘digital’ undertakings lead to the expansion of marriage breakdowns (Insley, 2009). As a matter of fact, numerous individuals discover old companions with the assistance of Facebook.

Notwithstanding, individuals likewise will in general substitute their genuine correspondence with digital correspondence. The last appears to be awesome and individuals center around the defects of their own lives. Ultimately, numerous individuals break their genuine connections to construct new ones which regularly end very soon.

Hence, it is imperative to restrict Facebook to keep individuals from the substitution of the genuine by a stunning life. Essentially, this can measure up to the boycott of medications which likewise lead to such sort of substitution.


In the end, Facebook hinders the progress and development of society. For example, a large number of individuals say that our society can have the advantage of the usage of Facebook.