Essay on Election in English for Student & Children


Democracy is a system in which people get freedom and human rights. Although there are all kinds of governance systems around the world like communism, monarchy & dictatorship, democracy is considered superior to all of them.

This is simply because, in a democracy, the people have the power to choose their own government through elections.

Importance of Election

In a democratic country, the electoral system has great importance because it is through this that the people elect the government of their country.

The election is very important for the smooth running of democracy. It is the duty of every citizen of a democratic country to do an important job of protecting democracy by voting in elections.

We should never think what will be the difference if I do not vote, but people should understand that many times in the elections, a single vote is a win-win decision.

Special Right

In this way, the election process in a democracy also gives a special right to an ordinary citizen because by voting in the elections he can become a partner in the operation of power and governance.

Elections in any democratic country provide this power to the citizens of that country because through the election process, citizens can show their way out of power by overthrowing selfish or failing rulers and governments.

The Right Choice

Many times during the elections, the leaders try to get the vote of the public by making ludicrous promises or making boisterous talk. We should be aware that during elections we should not fall into such limelight and choose people with a clean and honest image for political positions because during elections, using your vote consciously is the meaning of election. Is a symbol.

For the success of democracy, it is very important that people with a clean and honest image should go to political positions, which is possible only by the power of the valuable votes of the people. Therefore, we should always try to use our vote properly and never vote in elections in view of caste-religion or populist promises because it is not beneficial for democracy.

When the right people will go to government posts, only then the development of any country is possible & only then will the real meaning of elections become meaningful.

The Conclusion

The election is a very important part of democracy, without it, the implementation of democracy is not possible. We have to understand that election is an occasion when we should use our voting properly. Because during the election, the public can use their vote properly and bring corrupt governments out of power. This is why elections are given such an important place in a democracy.