Essay on Dog for Students and Children


The dogs are one of the most faithful and loyal creatures. Dogs have sharp teeth with the ability to eat tissue effectively.

It is a cunning creature and is exceptionally helpful in getting hoodlums. Undoubtedly, dogs are very quick a fast at running.

The barks of dogs uproariously and assaults the outsiders. A canine saves the existence of the expert from threat. Anyone can search anywhere on the planet.

Characteristics of Dogs

Dogs are exceptionally unwavering creatures. Dogs are now and then alluded to as man’s dearest companion since they are kept as homegrown pets and are generally faithful and like being around people.

They are additionally useful in diminishing pressure, uneasiness, The Dogs are so faithful to his lord that nothing can instigate him to leave his lord.

His lord may be a helpless man or even a homeless person yet at the same time, the Dogs won’t leave his lord being distant.

The life expectancy of Dogs

The life expectancy of a canine is little anyway it can live around 12-15 years in length which relies upon their size, for example, more modest canines carry on with a more drawn-out life.

A female canine brings forth a child and feeds milk that is the reason canines under the well-evolved creature classification. The canine baby is known as a puppy or small man and the canine home is called a pet hotel.

Canines are arranged by their administration to individuals, for example, monitor canines, crowding canines, chasing canines, police canines, control canines, sniffer canines, and so on It has a solid force of smell with the help of police can capture killers, criminals, and dacoits. The Military trains the canines to follow and identify bombs.

Dogs are useful

The dogs are utilized at many places like air terminals, police headquarters, etc. Following and Hunting canines, dogs, terriers, and dachshund are the most famous kinds of chasing and hunting dogs.

These canines are prepared to be the eyes, ears, and retrievers for their human partners. Needless to say, they are an amazing swimmer. They are actually an accommodating pet creature.

He regards his proprietor from the heart and can without much of a stretch estimate the quality through their smell. We should give it a lot of consideration and keep them in great condition.