essay on depletion of natural resources for Student & Children


Natural resources are usually gifts provided by nature. Sunlight, water, land & air are some examples of natural resources, produced naturally without human intervention. It is found in abundance.

However, there are many other natural resources, which cannot easily obtain mineral and fossil fuels. Natural resources, ie resources provided by the resource. Some examples of natural resources such as water, air, sunlight, wood, minerals & natural gas, which humans do not need to obtain.

While there are many natural resources available in nature, the things that people use to make things vary. But people need the right time to fully prepare and they may not be freely available.

Types of natural resources

Although the characteristics of each natural resource and its use differ from each other, they are classified into two broad categories, called renewable and unique natural resources. Let’s look in detail:

Renewable natural resources

Renewable natural resources, as the name implies can be extended and used naturally, such as water, solar energy, wood, biomass, air & soil, etc. Internal is coming.

Although many of these resources such as water, air & sunlight can be easily renewed, some natural resources such as wood and soil take time to update. Renewable resources are further classified to become organic and Azalli.

When renewable resources originate from animals and plants, they are called biological renewable resources, while renewable resources are derived from big things, they are called azotic renewable resources.

Non-renewable natural resources

It is a resource that cannot be updated or recycled or because they require a lot of time. Examples of natural gas are coal, oil, mineral and natural gas.

Naturally, thousands of years are required to become unique natural resources such as minerals, without human intervention. They are also divided into two categories – organic and all. Natural resources that do not need to come from animals are called biological natural resources.

This example may be fossil fuel. Natural resources which are not effective when they originate from things are called natural resources, air, minerals and land.


‘Natural resources’ is a great gift we have got from this nature. Which maintains the balance of this earth’s environment. Which we humans also use for many of our works. But in today’s time, we are using it in large quantities. Because of which the balance of the earth’s environment is deteriorating, which is very harmful to the whole biosphere. Therefore, we have to use it in small quantities, so that the balance of this environment will remain the same.