Essay on Coronavirus In English for Students & Children



Coronavirus is the world’s largest disease today. Therefore, the World Health Organization has declared this virus an epidemic.

The coronavirus is very small in size, but its effect is very fatal for its life. One who can also take his own life.  This coronavirus is 900 times smaller and smaller than human hair.

This virus spreads very quickly through infection. Therefore, coronavirus infection is happening all over the world at a rapid pace.

What does coronavirus mean?

Coronavirus means a virus that causes a person to suffer from a cold to breathe after infection. The infection of this virus began in Wuhan, a city in China. Fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc. are symptoms of coronavirus.

There is no medicine available today to stop this terrible virus. The coronavirus always spreads from one person to another.

Therefore, caution is being taken in the entire world about this coronavirus. The dreaded virus has spread to more than 70 countries so far.

Symptoms of Coronavirus?

The coronavirus firstly has a very high fever. After that, there is a dry cough. Later, after a week, there is difficulty in breathing. If a person has all these symptoms, then that person has been infected with Coronavirus.

If this coronavirus became more severe, then pneumonia, excessive breathing difficulties, kidney failure & even death can occur.

In which if any person is elderly or people who already have severe illnesses like asthma, diabetes, or heart attack. Those people can also die due to this virus.

Escape measures

  • First of all, we should wash our hands clean with soap. Which alcohol-based hand rub can also be used to clean hands.
  • We always have a nose and mouth covered with a handkerchief or tissue paper while coughing and sneaking.
  • If a person has symptoms of cold and flu, always stay away from it.

Ways to reduce corona

  • Do not travel by public transport. (Bus, train, auto, or taxi)
  • In this era of Corona, we should not call the guest in our house.
  • We should order any item of our house from someone else.
  • Stay at home Do not go to the office, school, or public places.
  • If a lot of people live together in the house, be more vigilant.
  • Constantly clean your home’s kitchen and bathroom.
  • If we keep following all these rules for 14 days, then the risk of virus infection can be reduced.


The SARS virus was spread about 18 years ago. Which posed a great threat to the whole world. In 2002-03, due to this SARS virus more than thousands of people were infected all over the world. In which many people also died. Which had an impact on the economic activities of all countries of the world. Similarly, the coronavirus is also very terrible like that of the SARS virus. But so far no evidence has been found of the virus spreading through parcels, plates, or food. Because these coronaviruses cannot survive outside the body for much longer. There has been a different uneasiness among the people regarding the coronavirus. There is a shortage of masks and sanitizers in medical stores, as people are increasingly rushing to buy them.