Essay on corona warrior in english for student & Children


There is not a corner of the world where this coronavirus infection does not spread. Millions of people take life in this world. Many people get infected every day.

More than three lakh coronavirus in India is afflicted. It has only one drug and social distance. In addition, it is obliged to wear a mask in the mouth.

To avoid this virus, the more you can wash your hands, the more you can take care of your cleanliness. India had a lockdown to fight Corona from March 24, 2020. Because the Corona epidemic was growing very fast and fast in our country.

Corona to Rust

In this time of Corona, everyone, doctors, nurses, boy wards, pathologists, have served the country by becoming Corona soldiers. Lockdown continues in many parts of India. In which all doctors and nurses have worked hard day and night to cure patients infected with corona.

In this way, he was in front of the state service by becoming a corona soldier in this emergency. He has fulfilled his responsibility for his country, community & business. At the time of lockdown, there is no public inconvenience to the people, so that milk, vegetables, newspapers, etc. can be completed. To complete the required list.

To ensure all types of social disorders, stand as a local police soldier. He has contributed a lot during the crisis period to keep the country safe from Corona and handle difficult situations. The situation is still improving, but the police still carry out their duties.

Ways to Fight Corona

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has respected the soldiers who work in Corona continuously. In this Kovid 19 crisis, health workers, sanitation workers, police & security personnel satisfy society and responsibility. He performed his duty tirelessly. So we should honor these soldiers.

The central government recently announced insurance cover for healthy service workers serving infected people. Some states and trade unions like Uttar Pradesh and Delhi also announced insurance packages for other important classes for frontline workers.

In this crisis, many cops perform their duties and some lose their lives. Protective power is deployed everywhere. He also served in the custody area and hospital.


We pay respect to health, police, bank employees & people who have made things related to everyday life, which keeps us safe in trouble. Because of them, we are healthy and safe in our homes. Therefore, like good citizens, we have to follow the instructions to get rid of this problem, so that we and the people around us remain safe and comfortable.