Essay on conservation of biodiversity in English


Biodiversity refers to the vegetation diversity and fauna throughout the region on Earth. The greater the diversity of flora and fauna, the better the survival of different species.

Therefore it is helping in the food chain process. Animal species depend on other species to pacify their appetites. While some species depend on plants.

Definition of biodiversity

Biodiversity, also known as biological diversity or ecological diversity. There are various species of plants, animals & other organisms in the world or in some habitats.

There is a need to maintain rich biodiversity, as it helps in maintaining the ecological balance on the earth. This is because ecosystems have a role to fully sustain each species of flora and fauna.

Biodiversity requirement

Nature has given many beautiful things to this world. Natural resources, rivers, valleys, oceans, various animal species & varieties of plants & beautiful trees are some of them. But humans are so busy with their development that they spoil these beautiful natural things.

Today, we have exploited things that are abundant in nature. There is a terrible need to conserve these natural things. Among other things, there is a serious need for biodiversity conservation. The need to maintain biodiversity is often overlooked.

This is because, we think that we are fine for ourselves, even though many species have become extinct by now and if we do some extinction, we will not be affected. However, this is a misunderstanding. The richness of biodiversity is very important for the functioning of our environment. If biodiversity continues to decrease, we will not be able to live in the future.


Humans should monitor their activities and stop exploiting flora and fauna to fulfill their selfishness. Instead, they should contribute to the conservation of biodiversity. In the same way, awareness is one of the best ways to protect biodiversity. People need to be sensitive about this problem so that they act responsibly and contribute to the conservation of biodiversity. Thus, the survival of living things on Earth requires the richness of biodiversity. This problem should be taken seriously and strict steps should be taken for biodiversity conservation.