Essay on consequences of global warming for Student & Children


Due to global warming, the Earth’s surface temperature is increasing, which also has a bad effect on the surface environment. Global warming has adversely affected the Earth’s atmosphere.

Rising global warming has led to increased temperatures, which have been endangered on Earth. Global warming, which is basically caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon and methane, indirectly impacts the Earth negatively.

Due to which there is an increase in air pollution and severe changes in different areas, due to which global warming is increasing every day.

Effect on air

Air pollution also increases because of an increase in the shallow temperature of the Earth. This is because, the temperature rise increases the level of ozone gas in the Earth’s atmosphere, which is produced to react with the carbon gas and heat of sunlight.

Rising air pollution rates have given rise to many health-related problems. In particular, there is a significant increase in respiratory problems and lung infections. It is most affected by asthma patients.

Impact on water

Due to the increasing global warming, the glaciers melt, as a result, the seawater heats up every day. Because of both, the water level rises. With the rise in temperature in the future, it is expected to rise more at sea level.

This is a reason to worry because it will create flood conditions in coastal areas and below, which will be a big problem in front of our lives. In addition, seawater also becomes acidic, as drifting is life-threatening.

Land impact

Due to global warming, a severe change occurs in many seasons. Many places have repeated conditions of heavy rainfall and flooding, while some areas are experiencing extremely dry places.

Global warming not only affects the life of the community but also reduces the fertile strength of the land in many areas. For this reason, agricultural land has a bad effect.

Health effects

Because of global warming, health problems have increased phenomenally. Diseases of respiratory problems and lung infections develop with increasing levels of pollution.

This has caused problems for asthma patients. Fast-moving air, heat & flood are also causing increased health problems.

Due to floods, the water stored in various areas is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies & other insects and we are familiar with the infection due to them.