essay on computer in English for Students & Children


The current PC has become a significant piece of our everyday life. Additionally, their use has expanded a lot of overlap during the most recent decade.

These days, they utilize the PC in each office whether private or government. Humanity is utilizing PCs for over numerous many years now.

Additionally, they are utilized in numerous fields like farming, planning, apparatus making, guard & some more. Most importantly, they have reformed the entire world.

Advantages of Computer

The PC is perhaps the most awesome result of present-day science. It is an electronic gadget. PCs can do complex computations and work rapidly. They have tackled a lot of issues with the man. The PC is exceptionally valuable in our day-by-day life.

The PC is utilized in schools, universities, businesses, organizations, banks & other public and private areas, everything being equal. The significant benefit of utilizing PCs in this manner are given below.

PCs make it conceivable to get, supply & interact with enormous volumes of information fast. PC lessens the expense of all information-related activities including, input, yield, stockpiling, preparing, and transmission.

Uses of Computer in every field

As the use of PC expanded it turned into a need for pretty much every field to utilize PCs for their activities. Additionally, they have made working and arranging things simpler.

Beneath we are referencing a portion of the significant fields that utilization a PC in their day by day activity


They use PCs to analyze infections, run tests & for finding the solution for dangerous sickness. Additionally, they can discover a solution for some sicknesses in light of PCs.

Regardless of whether it’s a logical examination, space research, or any friendly exploration PCs help on the whole of them. Space research assisted us with investigating the systems.


While logical exploration has assisted us with finding assets and different other helpful assets from the earth.

For any country, his protection is generally significant for the wellbeing and security of its kin.


Likewise, PC in this field helps the country’s security offices to recognize a danger that can be unsafe later on.

Overall the safeguard business uses them to keep reconnaissance on our adversary.

Computer- A Threat

PCs have become a need likewise, they have become a danger as well. This is because of programmers who take your private information and hold them on the web. Likewise, anybody can get to this information.

Aside from that, there are different dangers like infections, tricks & bugs. A computer is a vital machine that has become a helpful piece of our life.

Likewise, the PCs have twin-faces on one side it’s an aid and on the opposite side, it’s a plague. Its uses totally rely on you. Till now it is an incredible revelation of humankind that has helped in saving thousands and millions of lives.