Essay on Christmas in English for Students & Children


Christmas is a notable Christian occasion set in December, praised the world over and celebrated for its beautifications and Santa Clause. Christmas signifies “Banquet day of Christ”.It is a yearly festival stamping Jesus Christ’s introduction to the world; it is seen on the 25th of December as a social and strict festival among many individuals everywhere in the world.

Christmas is praised altogether in Christian nations however there are contrasts in the manner every country commends this date. The historical backdrop of Christmas is one that traces all the way back to quite a while; the main Christmas was praised in 336 A.D. in Rome.

It assumed a vital part during the acclaimed Arian discussion that occurred during the 300s. During the early long stretches of middle age, revelation dominated it.

How Christmas is celebrated?

Christmas is a social celebration that involves a ton of arrangements. It is a public occasion thus individuals get a Christmas break to praise it.

Arrangements for Christmas start right on time for the vast majority so festivities start just before Christmas. Arrangements for Christmas include a lot of exercises.

Individuals ordinarily purchase enrichments, food, and endowments for the most part for kids in the loved ones. A few families search for coordinating with Christmas outfits for everybody.

What special thing is done?

Holiday songs are played in order to celebrate the auspicious day. Most families start by going to the chapel where exhibitions and tunes are finished. Afterward, they join their families to trade blessings and celebrate with food and music.

Joy during Christmas resembles no other. Hand-crafted conventional plum cakes, cupcakes, and biscuits are uncommon treats on Christmas. Children are showered with heaps of presents and new dresses.

They additionally will meet the ‘St Nick Claus’, wearing a soft red and white outfit, who welcomes them with embraces and endowments.


Christmas helps us to remember the significance of giving and offering to loved ones. Through Christmas, we realize that Jesus’ birth is the start of incredible things on the planet. It is for the most part a chance to consider nature and the purpose behind our reality. Christmas is such a celebration which individuals from all religions and confidence celebrate worldwide regardless of it being a Christian celebration. It is the substance of this celebration that joins individuals to such an extent.