Essay on Children Day in English for Students & Children


Jawaharlal Nehru prominently known as Chacha Nehru was attached to kids. His affection for Children was massive. He generally supported that the offspring of the nation are qualified for satisfied adolescence and advanced education.

Youngsters are the torchbearer of things to come. Thus, every school praises this day with different occasions like tests, discussions, social projects like dance, music, and dramatization. Instructors put together and perform different social occasions for the understudies.

Chacha Nehru consistently accepted that a youngster is the fate of tomorrow and thus through a show or play the instructors frequently on this day convey to the Children the significance of having satisfied adolescence to have a country with a better tomorrow.

Celebration of children’s day

Numerous schools additionally praise the day by getting sorted out games. Teachers frequently welcome youngsters from close by halfway houses or ghettos to take part with the understudies of the school together.

Such motions are exceptionally inviting as the youngsters figure out how to share and oblige everybody from society with them. Such signals likewise impart a feeling of uniformity among understudies.

Instructors and guardians on this day additionally shower their adoration and love towards the youngster by conveying blessings, chocolates, and toys.

Its celebration in other places

A few NGOs require this day as the chance to stretch out some assistance to the oppressed youngsters. They additionally put together a few projects for oppressed kids. Regularly, individuals disperse books, food, chocolates, toys, and other vital things among the youngsters.

Likewise, they put together social occasions for the shelters where the kids take part in occasions like tests, dance, music, sports, and so on Indeed, even prizes, grants are circulated to the kids.

Different mindfulness meetings are led to make the kids mindful of different plans actualized or declared by the public authority for their schooling, wellbeing, and government assistance.


This children’s day is a delightful event to recollect and praise the celebrated contemplations of Chacha Nehru. Festivity on kids’ day is an incredible method to make the two kids and grown-ups mindful that youngsters are the genuine fate of the country. Thus everybody ought to comprehend the duty towards giving satisfied adolescence to each kid. The adoration and care that we provide for our Children today, negligence of their social and monetary status, will sprout as the destiny of our nation tomorrow. Kids’ day festivity is an accolade for this idea.