essay on cat in English for students & children


Cat is an entirely delightful and adorable creature. It is a home-grown creature and is tamed by its owner with so much love and care.

Looking closer at it, you will see its sharp hooks and sharp eyes that help it in seeing during the evening. That cats can very well see during the night making it superior to people.

This soft and fluffy pet incredibly gives delight to the eye and not to forget its hypnotizing warm-blooded nature, which can pull in you towards itself with its laid-back demeanor and interesting depiction of its activities. You will be totally interested in the feline.

Attributes of Cat

It tends to be forceful now and again when it is aggravated or is by and large ceaselessly jabbed. Those who are extreme cat lovers and adore them so much can see this creature in numerous shadings like earthy colored, brilliant, white, dark or a blend of any of these two tones.

As a pet, it is a valuable creature and gives assistance in shielding or protecting our food items kept at home from rodents. The posterity of a cat is called a little cat, giving it a place in the most modest and cuter form of creatures list.

Cat or feline has got four flimsy, short & solid appendages that encourage it in strolling, running & bouncing for significant distances.

Cats have splendid eyes giving them a good vision to significant distances and furthermore help during the dull. Felines are tracked down everywhere in the world. There is no spot without a feline.

Here and there a feline can be confused with a tiger offspring, on account of its limited likenesses with it. A feline’s walk is viewed as the most effortless walk. Felines are extremely useful and interesting.

It is perhaps the most valuable creature that anybody can admit. It is agreeable and furious simultaneously. They are very carefree and lively. They like to play a great deal and can be naughty now and again.


Overall, cats are very adoring animals and ought to be cherished, minded & shielded from any sort of torment. They are a fundamental piece of our environment and ought to be shielded from manipulative and self-centered society.