Essay on an apple a day keeps the doctor away



Apple is one such fruit, which is one of the good fruits. Which is also very good for our health.

Because apple contains some things, from which we are always away from many serious diseases. For example, apple contains fiber, vitamins, minerals & carbohydrates.

Talking about the carbohydrates that live in it, a medium-sized apple contains up to 81 calories of energy, such an apple contains up to 21 grams of complex carbohydrates.


Just like guava and oranges contain vitamin C, similarly, an apple also contains vitamin C. An apple with it contains many antioxidants, mostly known as phytochemicals.

Which keeps our health away from serious diseases. That is why it is said, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”.

Meaning if we keep eating an apple every day, then our health will always be good and we will never need to go to the doctor.

Apple’s three main Parts

An apple has three main and useful parts, which make it a special fruit. Which includes its food value, fiber & flavonoids.

Apple is a Preventive Item

As we all know how good apple is for our health. Because this apple keeps us away from diseases like heart disease, stroke & cancer.

Because apple acts as a deterrent against these diseases. In which apple phytonutrients inhibit the oxidation of LDL, which is ‘bad cholesterol.


An apple has many such qualities, which protect us from many serious diseases. Therefore, at least one apple should be eaten every day, due to which our health will always be good and we will never have to suffer from any serious diseases. So that we will never have to go to the doctor