Essay on Corruption in English for Student



Those who do not do their work honestly, it is called corruption. These people always resort to corruption for their personal benefit. Therefore, such people also become corrupt.

There are many types of people who indulge in corruption in their society. In which the office workers range from minor peons to very high officials.

Those who continue to do corruption for their own benefit. But we are also not less, because we also give more money to such people to get our own work done quickly. This type of action is also called corruption.

Rigged Election

When any politician of the country distributes a lot of money, land & many kinds of gifts to the common people to win elections, it is called a rigged election. This type of election is also a form of corruption in a way.

Because the right choice is that which is made through the path of goodness. Means meeting the needs of ordinary people. This includes making good roads, removing unemployment, freeing people from poverty and hunger & many other reasons.

A politician who tries to fulfill all these needs of the people, wins the election on his own, for which he does not have to resort to any corruption because his people are with him.


In today’s time, nepotism is going on in many places in the country. Be it politics or the film industry.

In which there are many people who, by misusing their power, put a loved one to work in that big place, for which he is not even made.

Because of this, the right is snatched away from some people for whom they are eligible. This is also a part of the corruption.

Tax Evasion by Citizens

A fixed scale has been set in every country for citizens to pay tax. But there are some people who do not give a correct statement of their income to the government and steal tax. This is also corruption.

Bribery in Education and Sports

By taking bribes in the field of education and sports, people do not give seats to the meritorious and deserving candidates but give them to those who give bribes to them.

Corruption in small to a large area

Corruption can also be seen in other small to large areas of society. Such as adulteration in a ration, illegal house construction, excessive fees in hospital and school, etc. Even in language, corruption is prevalent.

Consequences of corruption

The prevailing corruption in society is the biggest hindrance to the progress of the country. Due to this, the poor person in our country is becoming poorer.

Due to this corruption, the amount of unemployment, bribery, crime is increasing day by day in our country. Due to corruption prevailing in a country, questions are raised on the law and order of that country.

Measures of corruption

Due to the flexibility of our constitution, there is not much fear of punishment in the criminal. Therefore, there is a need to enact strict laws against corruption. Too much time should not be wasted in any legal process.

This gives more strength to the corrupt. Apart from this, corruption can be prevented by spreading awareness among the people, by creating transparency in administrative work & by changing the mindset of the people towards the government and the justice system & by selecting the right candidate.


Every type of corruption causes a lot of damage to society. Therefore, all of us, as responsible citizens of the society, should take a pledge, not to corruption, nor do.