durga puja essay in english for students & children


Durga Puja is celebrated by the followers of Hindu. The celebration addresses the female force as ‘Shakti’ in the Universe. It is a celebration of Good over Evil. Durga Pooja is probably the best celebration of India.

As well as being a celebration for the Hindus, it is additionally an ideal opportunity for a get-together of loved ones, and a function of social qualities and customs. The Durga Pooja festivities vary dependent on the spot, customs, and convictions.

Things vary to the degree that some place the celebration is on for five days, some place it is for seven & some place it is for finished ten days. Good humor starts with ‘Shashti 6th day and closures on the ‘VijayaDashmi known as the 10th day.

History of Durga Puja

Goddess Durga was the girl of Himalaya and Menka. She later became Sati to get hitched to Lord Shiva. It is accepted that the celebration of Durga pooja began at the time Lord Rama revered the goddess to get an award of forces from her to kill Ravana.

In a few networks, particularly in Bengal, the celebration is praised by designing a ‘pandal’ in the nearby areas. A few groups even love the goddess at home by making every one of the courses of action.

On the most recent day, they likewise go for submerging the sculpture of the goddess into the heavenly waterway the Ganges.

Celebrations of this Puja

The celebrations start from the hour of Mahalaya, where the lovers demand Goddess Durga to go to the earth. On this day, they make the eyes on the sculpture of the Goddess during a propitious function named Chokkhu Daan.

In the wake of building up the icon of Goddess Durga set up, they perform ceremonies to raise her favored presence into the symbols on Saptami. During the celebration, the lovers offer supplications to the Goddess and revered her in a few distinct structures.

After the evening aarti custom is done on the eighth day it is a practice for the strict people dance which is acted before the Goddess to delight her. On the ninth day of the puja celebration, the love is finished with a Maha Aarti. It is representative of the closure of the significant ceremonies and petitions.

On the most recent day of the celebration, Goddess Durga returns to her significant other’s abode & the goddess Durga’s rules are taken for submersion in the waterway. The wedded ladies offer red vermillion powder to the Goddess and imprint themselves with this powder.

All individuals celebrate and appreciate this celebration regardless of their positions and monetary status. Durga Pooja is a tremendously public and dramatic festival. Dance and social exhibitions are a fundamental piece of it. Tasty customary food is likewise a huge piece of the celebration.